Politicians are the people's representatives and guide the nation in favour of the people themselves. In order to become politicians, a person must have political science knowledge, as well as be very outgoing. Well-rounded individuals, wearing bespoke suits london, are already a few steps ahead of most others if they want to become politicians.

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Another important action that individuals can do to become politicians is to communicate clearly their platform. And they must be obsessive about it! Every time they meet a new person will be an opportunity to talk about their own view and explain why that is important to that specific person. Selling this benefit in a concrete way will do wonders to further that person's political career.

Also, the younger the person is, the more experience they will likely gather along the way. Of course, people from all walks of life have entered politics at several stages of life. However, be aware of survivor bias - as most people fail to join politics successfully in a later stage of their lives, we tend to selectively think only about the successful cases.

Concerning a politician's message, they must be able to deliver it in a short and meaningful manner. They must cause an impact in their voters and cause the most effect possible in the shortest interval possible. Americans call it an "elevator pitch": if you only had the time of a lift ride, 20 seconds or so, how would you deliver your vision and sell your idea to the person who is listening to you?

Once you do get elected, you need to deliver on your vision and promises. People chose you for a reason, and they will hold you accountable for it. Your performance in achieving your view and making it into reality will be evaluated by the voters, the mass media, the internet - there will be no escaping from it.

Being a politician is largely about persuading people to do one thing over another. Negotiating and convincing others to do what you want, instead of whatever else they had in their minds before speaking with you, is key to being a good politician.

Reading people's body language can help you tone down or double up your message to get your point across. The Japanese have an expression to "read the atmosphere", and this is something politicians need to understand. By reading what is not being said, it gives them additional insight and helps them to reach their goals.

And you will be judged and measured by much more than your job performance. People will verify if you are a respectable person, an honest citizen, an ethical human being, a trustworthy professional, and even if your personal behaviour and image are up to their standards. They will also expect, and demand, that your political philosophy and behaviour remains the same throughout your term.

Finally, get ready to talk a lot. The entire day, every day. People in the music business are already aware of the physical effects it might bring to your health. To take good care of your voice, eat half an apple every day - several phonoaudiologists affirm it helps lubricate your vocal chords and maintain your voice in top-notch condition.