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Text/"Daily Mail" Translation/Yuanfeng


The Manchester United coach seemed to be in trouble after losing to Tottenham 1-6, but whenever the team's condition goes down, Solskjaer always allows his players to perform at their best. In the game against Paris Saint-Germain, his tactics and player selection were impeccable, allowing Manchester United to defeat a strong opponent again in the away game. This is the latest example of how he always has a good hand in strong dialogue.


Once the team is in a bad situation, you can expect Solskjaer to show his best. After all, in his brilliant career at Old Trafford, the best thing the shooter is good at is breaking the enemy in stoppage time. As the head coach of Manchester United, Solskjaer seems to be performing well when he and his team are in trouble.


When the record declines, when the pressure rises, when Pochettino's name is mentioned again, Solskjaer seems to always get the team back on track; whenever there is a strong dialogue, when Manchester United plays the weak role that we are a little stranger to , They always seem to be able to successfully execute the game plan of the Norwegian coach. In the early hours of this Wednesday morning, the away win over Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League is the latest example.


Manchester United had a poor start to the season and was humiliated by Tottenham Hotspur 1-6. It is considered to indicate that Solskjaer's Manchester United coaching career is about to come to an end, because he is often criticized for his ability not worthy of Manchester United's coaching position. In the early hours of last week on Sunday, Manchester United defeated Newcastle United 4-1 convincingly. Most people thought it was only a temporary respite, because Manchester United's many shortcomings are bound to be exposed in front of the Paris offensive line led by Neymar and Mbappé. Exhaustive.


As a result, they did not leak. Every decision of Solskjaer, whether in terms of tactical arrangements or personnel adjustments, is beyond criticism. Once again, Manchester United played well without being optimistic, and won a crucial European victory, of course, thanks to Rashford's last-minute goal.


First of all, Solskjaer likes to adjust his formation to three central defenders and two wing guards in the most critical games. This kind of formation usually appears in Manchester United against Chelsea or Manchester City, because it can improve the stability of the back line, but also provides the flexibility to counterattack, which is very suitable for Manchester United's style.


Secondly, its personnel selection is indeed bold. Luke Shaw appeared in the three-back combination, and Tuan Zebe made his debut this season. This is also the most important game of the teenager's career. Captain Maguire did not go with the team, and the new aid Teles made his debut at the left-wing guard position and did his best in the game.

其次,其人员选拔确实是大胆的。卢克·肖(Luke Shaw)出现在三分卫组合中,而汤安·泽贝(Tuan Zebe)在本赛季首次亮相。这也是青少年职业中最重要的游戏。马奎尔队长没有加入球队,而新的援助特莱斯则在左翼后卫位置首次亮相,并在比赛中尽了全力。

In the midfield, Solskjaer directly ignored the controversy about Pogba and once again left him on the bench, allowing Fred and McTominay, who are physically better, to form a double midfielder.


On the surface, when you see Manchester United's starting lineup, you really feel very worried. But the facts have proved that every choice Solskjaer is correct. The diligence of Fred and McTominay laid the foundation for Manchester United's victory, and Tres and Wan-Bissaka also performed very well. The young Tuan Zebe performed calmly and provided a good solution for the Manchester United central defender's forward problem.

从表面上看,当您看到曼联的首发阵容时,您真的感到非常担心。但是事实证明,索尔斯克亚的每一个选择都是正确的。弗雷德(Fred)和麦托米奈(McTominay)的勤奋为曼联的胜利打下了基础,特雷斯(Tres)和万贝萨卡(Wan-Bissaka)的表现也非常出色。年轻的Tuan Zebe表现镇静,为曼联中后卫的前锋问题提供了一个很好的解决方案。

At the beginning of the season, Solskjaer could have thrown the error-prone De Gea on the bench and used the ambitious Henderson as the main goalkeeper. At that time, there was a lot of data to support that it was necessary to change the goalkeeper. But in fact, Henderson's return brought enough pressure to De Gea to refocus his attention. Facing opponents like Paris Saint-Germain, and when the opponents are desperately attacking, De Gea's ability is indeed better.

在本赛季开始时,索尔斯克亚本可以将容易犯错误的De Gea扔到替补席上,并用雄心勃勃的亨德森作为主要的守门员。当时,有大量数据支持必须更换守门员。但是实际上,亨德森的回归给德吉亚带来了足够的压力,要求他重新集中注意力。面对像巴黎圣日耳曼这样的对手,而当对手拼命进攻时,德吉亚的能力确实更好。

Third, on-the-spot decisions made during the game. When Martial headed for an own goal and rewritten the score to 1-1, Solskjaer could change into a defensive player, and it was closed. After all, no one will criticize Manchester United for a draw at Princes Park. But on the contrary, he replaced Teles with Pogba. The Frenchman played with the mentality of needing to prove himself. He played for 23 minutes. His excellent performance led Rashford to assist and help him score and win. The goal ends.


Fourth, Solskjaer can always ensure that his team has an excellent mentality in major games. This may not be a clear Manchester United tradition from the era of its players, but it seems that the role of the underdog is very suitable for this Manchester United. This attitude ensures that everyone can be down-to-earth, focus on their responsibilities, play an effective counterattack, and know that doing so will eventually pay off, just like the game this week.


This is not the first time Solskjaer has led the team to victory in the face of heavy pressure. In the last season alone, there were two similar examples. In December last year, Manchester United won and lost the same number of games after 14 rounds, ranking only 9th in the standings. There is speculation that if they lose to Tottenham and Manchester City one after another, Solskjaer will be fired. Moreover, Mourinho had just become the head coach of Tottenham at the time, but Solskjaer remained unmoved and continued to trust his beloved generals. Fred and McTominay partnered in midfielder and his Fast horses, Rashford and Greenwood formed the frontcourt double arrow.


In that game, Manchester United played the classic style of the Ferguson era. They played away but were very aggressive and enterprising. Their overall performance completely overwhelmed their opponents and eventually won 2-1. When the final whistle sounded, Solskjaer patted Mourinho on the head wantonly.


A few days later, Manchester United came to the Etihad Stadium and used a counterattack to penetrate the Manchester City defense line half an hour before the opening, quickly gaining a two-goal lead. After that, Manchester United retreated across the board and used the intensive defense of 4 defenders and double midfielders to deal with the opponents. Even though Guardiola's team tried various methods, they could not reverse the defeat. In the end, Manchester United won 2-1. This is Solskjaer's powerful response to all doubters.


Before long, Solskjaer was in trouble again. At the end of January, Manchester United lost 0-2 to Burnley at home, which was the lowest point of his coaching career. But Solskjaer turned the situation around again. After a few weeks, they won again in Itihad, although they failed to qualify for the League Cup final because of the total score. In the league, they defeated 2-0. Chelsea, and then beat Manchester City 2-0 at home before the league was suspended due to the epidemic.

不久,索尔斯克亚再次陷入困境。 1月底,曼联主场0-2负于伯恩利,这是他执教生涯的最低点。但是索尔斯克亚再次扭转了局面。几周后,尽管由于总成绩未能晋级联赛杯决赛,他们仍在伊蒂哈德再次获胜。在联赛中,他们以2-0击败了他们。切尔西,然后在联赛由于流行病暂停之前在家中以2-0击败曼城。

Solskjaer once again adopted the 3412 formation in the strong dialogue, placing Luke Shaw in the center back, sending out a full-back with outstanding endurance, and using two engineer-type midfielders. Manchester United once again enjoyed the joy of fighting back and breaking the enemy. In fact, after losing to Burnley, Manchester United began a long 19 unbeaten matches in all competitions.

索尔斯克亚在激烈的对话中再次采用了3412编队,将卢克·肖(Luke Shaw)置于中后卫,派出了出色的耐力的后卫,并使用了两名工程师型中场。曼联再次享受了反击和击败敌人的喜悦。实际上,在输给伯恩利之后,曼联在所有比赛中都进行了19场不败的漫长比赛。

So whenever many people worry that he will be fired, Solskjaer can always turn the situation around and get Manchester United back on track. They completed the reverse, won the game that should have been won, and their luck improved.


Let's go back to Solskjaer's first season of coaching Manchester United, another unforgettable night in Paris. Paris Saint-Germain won 2-0 at Old Trafford in the first leg and gave the Norwegian coach his first defeat after serving as Manchester United's interim coach. It is easy to think that Manchester United will not escape defeat when they return to Paris. If you look at Manchester United's lineup at the time, you will find this even more obvious.


Bayi started at right back, Smalling partnered Lindelof as central defender, Ashley Young was right midfielder, Pereira left midfielder, Fred and McTominay joined as midfielder. There were actually a bunch of kids sitting on the bench. When Bayi was injured in the first half, the situation got worse.


However, Manchester United relied on Rashford's 94th minute penalty kick, a dramatic victory 3-1.


Solskjaer uses the traditional 442 formation, but Lukaku's strength and Rashford's speed are perfectly combined. Solskjaer also got the return of being positive, although it is undeniable that their state plummeted afterwards.

Solskjaer使用传统的442编队,但Lukaku的力量和Rashford的速度完美地结合在一起。 Solskjaer还获得了积极的回报,尽管不可否认的是,他们的状态此后暴跌。

It is often said that the distance between this Manchester United and the real crisis is only two consecutive losses. And their next schedule is still chilling. In the next three games, the Red Devils will face Chelsea, RB Leipzig and Arsenal.


However, another unforgettable night spent in Paris once again showed that their head coach can always turn things around in key games, especially when the burden on his shoulders becomes heavier. Regardless of tactical arrangements, player selection, game plan or mentality adjustment, Solskjaer continues to be impeccable at critical moments.


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